GreatWhite Electricals is founded with a vision to change the way people use electrical products. It is not just a vision but passion that is driving the company to set-up world class facilities and surpasses its own set benchmarks of innovation. The company is dedicated to build and introduce a portfolio of products and brands that will address the functional and aesthetic needs of different spaces, be it residential, commercial or industrial.

GreatWhite Electricals product portfolio includes electrical wiring devices, wires and cables, circuit protection systems and lights &luminaries. The company has already introduced a wide plethora of brands,namely Myrah, Myrah Touch, Fiana, Tivoli and Petra in the market. The products address the requirements of the masses as well as the classes, thereby touching the everyday lives of a wide audience base. GreatWhite products are not only brilliantly functional but also aesthetically beautiful.

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