Communication Cables

Telephone Cables

Solid annealed, highly pure and conductive bare copper of 0.4 / 0.5 daimeter insulated with high density polyethylene, is designed for voice clarity, elimination of cross-talk and echo. GreatWhite Telephone Cables ensure improved transmission quality, unimpaired and clear reproduction of voice.

Co-axial Cable

Manufactured using electrolytic grade 99.97% and above pure solid bare inner copper, conductor for better signal transmission, insulated with gas injected foam polyethylene, jelly flooded and 2-layer shielding, our co-axial cables offer high bandwidth, excellent sound quality and high fidelity picture clarity.

LAN Cable - Cat5E 100 MHz/Cat6 300MHz

ANSI / TIA/EIA 568-B.2 compliant Category 5e UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pairs) is a high performance, high speed, 100 Ohm impedance LAN Cable with enhanced bit-rate signaling for extended distances in horizontal cabling, signal amplifiers for a length of 100m (328ft).

Cat6 300 MHz UTP Lan Cable while possessing the performance characteristic of Cat5e, this higher category cable is designed for higher electrical performance (at 300 MHz) and higher speed data transmission capacity for mission critical LAN application or structured cabling services.

  • Low Attenuation and Cross talk.
  • Low NEXT (Near End Cross Talk).
  • Low Powersum NEXT.
  • Ideal for use in horizontal structured cabling.