Distribution Boards


GreatWhite makes Great Distribution Boards that provide flexibility and are a systematic approach to the ever increasing need for effective methods of the electrical distributions in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. GreatWhite Great Series Distribution Boards have been specially designed to meet all the technical requirements and ensure that the Distribution Boxes blend well with any decor.

The Great Series Distribution Boards, with their features and their unique range offer a compact, practical and economic solution to any electrical network in residential, commercial complexes, industries etc. having single phase or three phase connections. The Great Series Distribution Boards are not merely an enclosure but a complete system in itself comprising of Copper bus bar, brass neutral link, earth link, earthing studs, and interconnection wires for effective distribution of current.

Masking - (Cement & Water guard)

During the construction stage, the DBs can get ingressed with water & cement dust. This can spoil the decor and more importantly alter the performance parameters. Standard smart trek DBs come with a masking arrangement that keeps water and cement dust away.

Flexibility during installation

GreatWhite DBs are provided with an intermediate detachable door/plate fixed on the inner door to give flexibility of installation i.e. during installation or main¬tenance, the entire door need not be dismantled this thus saves valuable installation time. Additionally, this also ensures that electrically live parts do not get exposed.

Reversible Doors

The outer DB doors are reversible. While the doors come fitted on the left side, these can be reversed and fitted on to the right side by the user.

Weather proof design

All DBs are provided with perfect fitted gaskets that ensure ingress protection as per IP-42 category.