GreatWhite MCB’s ensure the safety of cables and other electronic peripherals with a dual protection system that safeguards against thermal overload and electromagnetic short circuit. Manufactured using quality components, like Silver Inlaid Copper, maximize contact reliability and provide increased energy savings. Housed in a high strength, flame retardant material with shock proofing and snap push technology improves safety and ease during mounting and demounting without interfering with other MCB’s within the distribution board. Designed to surpass the highest international standards with a massive 10KA breaking capacity for the full range of 6A to 63A and a unique mid trip feature that allows instant identification of faulty circuits.


Breaking capacity of 10kA in all the products from 6A to 63A in single pole and multi pole.

DUAL PROTECTION (both overload & shortcircuit)

In an event of an over current or short circuit, the MCB automatically interrupts all the poles even if the MCB knob is held in ‘ON’ position. The high current - in the range of kA, energises the solenoid and a magnetic field is created. Due to this magnetic field, the anchor is pulled down which pushes the plunger to strike the inner latch causing instantaneous opening of the contacts. This is achieved by thermal operation of the bimetal strip which deflects when heated by the over current passing through it, thereby tripping the operating mechanism and causing the contact to open.


Mid trip offers unique feature of knob coming to mid position in an event of electrical fault & MCB device tripping. This provides clear identification of faulty circuit.


Dual terminal facility for incoming side that can take wire up to across section.The wire may be of copper or aluminium.

Finest Housing Material

High Strength FLAME RETARDANT housing material.

Shock Proof - IP20

IP 20 degree protection. All live parts are out of human reach thus ensuring safety to installers.


IS/IEC: 60898-1 have recognized the growing importance of limiting power loss in Switchgear devices and stipulated maximum. Permissible power loss values per pole of MCB. GreatWhite MCB contacts are made of silver inlaid copper ensuring long life, maximum safety, and low contact resistance. All these result in LOW WATT LOSS leading to ENERGY SAVING.


Greatwhite Isolators are switch disconnectors with independent manual operation, capable of making, carrying and breaking current under normal circuit conditions, which may include operating under overload condition and also carry current under a specified abnormal circuit conditions such as those of short circuits for a specified time.

  • Safety terminals to avoid improper cable termination
  • Easy Snap pusher for mounting easily on Din Rail channel of DB’s
  • Large cable terminal to terminate cable size upto 25sq mm
  • Cooler operation - Grooves provides on outer body on Isolator so that when individual poles are placed adjacent to each other in DB’s It forms a very infective path for better air circulation resulting no overheating between two poles.


The flow of current through electrical facilities always involves risks. Poorly insulated equipment, faulty wires and incorrect use of electrical devices cause current to flow through the wrong path (i.e. through the insulation) to the earth. This current is called ‘Leakage Current’. Earth leakage is an electrical hazard and is responsible for electrical shocks and fires. Earth leakage and its associated hazards can be prevented by Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) that is also popularly known as Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB).