Wires and Cables

Futuristic. Pure. Super-safe. These qualities define the essence of Greatwhite wires and cables. Produced in one of the technologically advanced state-of-the-art facility in Gujarat, Greatwhite wires and cables are made with premium quality pure copper, ensuring superior conductivity and true value for money. Pure Copper. Purest Core.

Purest till the core! At the core of GreatWhite wires and cables is highest purity electrolytic grade copper, fully annealed to further enhance conductivity, impart required softness and flexibility. Individual copper strands of true diameter and circularity are bunched into compact, cohesive and uniform circular shape, with higher than 100% conductivity as per IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard).

Pure PVC Insulation – purity inside out. Pure, virgin and superior grade PVC resin and compounding ingredients are used to produce in-house, specifically formulated PVC compound. Tailor made for each type of cable that has higher insulation resistance and thermal stability and exceptional flame retarding properties in fully automatic PLC enabled imported plant, where the mixing is monitored and controlled to give desired properties.

The insulation is carried out on an automatic plant with fine controls for concentricity, uniform thickness of insulation, correct diameter and freedom from any internal or surface imperfection. The purity inside plays out for safety, reliability and longevity of cable.